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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  February 11, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm ueun yang. it's monday, februaryh. 11t >> the federal government is on t two-hour delay. arlington, fairfax,naoudon and as park city will open two hours la. falls urch, alexandria, falker and page county schools. d. and prince george's county schools are on a two-hour delay. >>nd grant county schools in west virginia will open three hours late. we'll update you onhe latest closures all morning long. you can see the information scrolling am the bot of your screen. >> justin finch is driving around, checkin on road conditions. first 4 traffic's melissa mollet is keeping an eye on the roads and highways. >> we begin with chuck bell and what we're dealing with now, what wt can expn the day ahead. >> good morning, everybody. monday off to a very tricky weather start.
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no doubt about temperatures are just at or slightly above freezing, from washingtonsouthbound, just below freezing in northern maryland. we're living right on the rain/snow line. the worst-case scenario, not just forte com but for forecasters, as well. small fluctuation in thees temperatan have a big difference in the weather that you're experiencing. where you see the pink, that's a rain/snow mix at this point in time. ithould be mostly and entirely an all-rain event. mostly sou of town and mostly snow. a wide-ranging number of impacts around here. 34 washington. 33, lorton. 31 gaithersburg. 32 up in frederick, maryland. and 30 in martinsburg, west virginia. in will be a dicey forecast, not just for today but for and into tomorrow, as well. temperatures this afternoon should be high enough to g all of this changed over to just rain. then, overnight tonight, likely
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another chance of a rain/snow mix coming in. this morning, the snowyness and slushyness is north of the area. for tonight, could have acc accumulating snow northern the pennsylvania border. and tomorrow, after a tricky commute in the morning, all this becomes rai once again. we have everything but the kitchen sink being thrown at us. >> don't like this long list. in laurel, southbound 95 before scaggsville road. we had the left side blocked. that'sed reop we're slow headed southbound. but it is on the shoulder. that's the good news. all of this coloration, this look here this morning, showing what's falling from the sky in rious areas. a crash with the left side blocked. ght now, the beltway looks good. nice and clear. no problems on the belt y. >> thayou. get ready for a dicey commute, depending on where you are. expect a mix of snow, freezing rain and some sleet. chuck was talking about that. look at germantown last night.
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it started out light and quickly turned heavy. the problemsn't just the snow. it's the ice. the slick spots have potential freeze overnight, causing black ice this morning. we're working for you with team covera this winter weather. >> we begin with justin finch. he's on the road in maryland this morning. you?in, where are how do things look? >> reporter: good morning here. we're in the hague ehagerstown . we see light rain falling. too.ome sleet earlier, when you look on the road, you see that it is shiny, mostly slushy on the black top there. your right, on the roadway -- thparking lots and sidewalks, you are seeing slushy and snowy accumulation ere. theoads for the most part, have been looking good, on the way up here and 270 and 270 north, we saw trucks on the standby. crews are waiting to treat roads. they are circling and doing their own patrols.
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all those throughway makin sure they're ready and ahead of the peak of the commute rahere. se school systems in our area will be on two-hour delays. frederic we're not seeing closures or delays. seeing washingtos county, they wake up this morning, they may want to give themselves an extra amount of time. the main streets are looking good. the streets can use a bit more work. seeing more accumulation to the right where people were parking. ju be careful, as we're walking and driving this morning. back inside to you. >> justin finch.nk justin, tyou. >> we turn to virginia where 800 trucks are on the road this morning. v-dot crews were pretreating thd ro early. the crews wil work until the storm is over. this may not be a major snow event but it still has the potential to beou dang >> it doesn't have to be 12 feet of snow to beed wor that
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something is going to happen. you get that many road and that icy situation, we're going to spring into action for something like that. >> be extra cautious if you're driving on elevated ramps and overpasses. those surfaces freeze first in chis type of weather. all of thel closures are on the bottom of your screen. they're a io the app. get updated forecasts for your neighborhood, anytime. digging in as the crisis in the commonwealth continues this morning. the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general show nons s of stepping down in the wake of scandals that engulf their decisions. lieutenant governorfa fa accused of say saassault, seems most likely to be pushed out of office. cameras caug the lieutenant governor leaving his home in annandale over the weekend. the articles of impeachment
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states the sex assault allegations against fairfax are credible in nature and calls for a house committee to hold hearings on the matter. two women have accused fairfax of sexual assault. he insists the encounters with both women were consensual. a spokesperson says the lieutenant governor is exploring opons for thorough investigation into the allegations and says that the fbi should investigate, not his fellow lawmakers in richmond. and we're finallyng hea from virginia governor, ralph northam. he sat down for his first televised interview since a racist photo was hound in yearbook. he said since the scandal broke, it was difficult. looking at the calls to resign, the governor sss he not going anywhere. >> virginia needs someone that can heal. there's noso better p to do that than a doctor. virginia also needs somne who is strong, who has empathy, who
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has courage and who has a moral compass. >> northam said it's up to his lieutenant governor and attorney general, to decidhether they will resign in light of their respective scandals. virginia voters are split on this issue, as well, in terms of northam and what he shoul do a new "washington post"/schar school poll, says, % show he should resign and 49% say he should dstay. he is getting support from african-americans in the state. avin newsom isxpected to pull back all members of the state's national guard deployed at the california/mexico border. the troops will be reassigned to fight wildfiree newsays california will not be a part of the trump st admition's, quote, manufactured crisis. this could lead to anoth government shutdown at the end of the week. congress has until friday to
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come up with agreement that includes substantial funding for a border wall. as the threat of another shutdown looms, talks with congressional leaders have alled. congressional leaders say the wall is not necessary but the president insists it be built. the most likely outcome is that congress strikes a deal good enough for president trump to sign. mulvaney says the president will build the wall with orithout congress. as many federal employees prepare for the possibility of being out of work again, the airline industry will outle the risks of another shutdown. the association of flight attend attendants will hold a press conference this morning. tsa officers, safety insptors, and others were force to work without pay. travelers faced long delays because severaltsa checkpoints had to be closed because there weren't enough workers. at the time, airline officials warned of overall safety
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concerns becdose of the sh. a grim reminder to always three people died in a single-car csh in prince george's county and none of them were wearing a seat belt.ig inveors believe the driver was not speeding but lostl contn martin luther king highway. a fourth person in the car was seriously injured. >> d.c. police are investigang a shooting. police say one man was shot last night in the 300 bck of 50th street northeast, which is near the kelly recreation center. call police if you have information. this morning, two children and a pilot are okay aer their small plane crashed in northern virginia. this is a look at the area where this happened. half of the plane is on rouan 3 the other half in the brush there. the plane had engine after it took off in midland and the pilot had to make an emergency landing. it's 4:09. the music industry held its most
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prestigious award ceremony last night. >> the hgrammys,ted by alicia keys in los angeles. >> welcome to the 61st annual grammy awards. >> amonghe night's big winners, donald glover, won record of the year and songar o the british vocalist duolipa and kacey musgraves won for "golden hour." >> i don't know what to say. itas unbelievable to be in a category with such gigantic albums. really brilliant works of art. >> lady gaga won three awards, including best pop solo performance and duo performance for "shallow."
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the show paidome to three ladies. dianaross, aretha franklin and michelle obama talked about the powerc.f mu >> that was a big surprise. >> she's been popping up a lot in these high-profile, socializing circles. still ahead on news 4 today, another democrat throws her name into the race for president. >> the latest from the campaign trail. plus, how the new tax laws can change your tax refund. some of you may end up owing. >> talk about owing money to the government and it's monday rning and we're in weather alert mode. it's the pfect storm for a monday morning. there's more where this came from. a check of the roads in haigerstown in a minute. and your five-day forecast, as well. >> this is a live look at the roads on this weather alert day. a little spotty, depending o y
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wher're living. we'll be back with the latest team coverage on this mo
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the federal government is on a two-hour delay. employees have the operation for unscheduled leave or telework today. >> all of the latest school closings and delays are at the bottom of your screen. and they're posted in your washington app. hundreds of drivers in northern california were strand for hours because of a winter storm that shut a highway. a 95-mile stretch of interstate 80 had to be closed because of heavy snow,g makin it dangerous saturday into sunday. some people were stuck for 18 h hours a to sleep in their cars. now, to decision 2020. theroed field of democratic candidates continues to grow.
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amy klobuchar announced her candy as snow fell yesterday. >> one great leader said to pursue the good, we mt believe that good will prevail. >> i think i read it was 16 degrees there. her campaign team ordered 100ll s of hot cocoa and 100 gallons of hot apple cider to keep her supporters warm. she won in dozens of counties president trump won in 2016. president trump poked o ed fun r on twitter, saying she lked like snowman. she poked back asking how his hair would fare in a blizzard. >> here's what bothers me -- by the time weet to 2020, donald trump may not be president. in fact, he may not even be afr
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person. >> elizabeth warren made her second presidential campaign i stop ina over the weekend. she told supporters democrats must whek to change broken system in the country. get ready for aller tax refund because of a change in tax lows. the average refund will be $1,800. that's down $2,000 from a year ago. president trump and republicans passed a major overhaul of the tax code. but there's ways to ease the tax burden before the april deadline. >> you can contribute to an individual retirement account or i.r.a. to reduce your taxable income, you have until april 15tho to that if you qualify. >> the change means o average, some 30 million americans will be writing checks to the irs rather than cashing >>them. hat's no good. >> and it's monday. >> i know. and we have this weird weather,
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chuck. >> you know, there's nofo caster that i know who can make a decent living living on the rain/snow line. >> no. >> everything is on the veble. andone expects the same level of certainty we have when it's all-snow or all-rain. >> this is why you are paid the big bucks, chuck bell. >> i do? wow. >> call your agent. >> yes. tbig bucks. i t printed on one of those chucks like i won the lottery. it is a whe start of day. it will stay wet today, tonight and tomorrow. we'll get drying out in the middle of the week and a chance to melt anything that comes down, as temperatures will be in the 5ys thursday. monday, monday night and early tuesday, will be sloppy at best. we are literally right on the line here. it's almost all-snow, north of the mason/dixon line. as soon as you get into maryland, this is becomreg much f a mix of rain and snow, especially northerny montgom
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county, frederick county, and the northern half of loudon county here. this is all rain. if you live sougth of the d.c. metroarea, this is almost 100% rain event for you. the d.c. metro area, pretty much the transition between rain and snow. although it is an ugly mix, good news is, with temperatures like this, we should be able to keephe roads mainly just wet. not a lot of slushyness on the roads, a temperatures will be atr above freed izing. 33 is the differencemaker from a temperature perspective. you see the pink, that's t rain/snowcontributionmbination. this should all just be rain by noon. the first wave ofoisture pulls out. another wave pushes in. it will be all-rain during the second half of the afternoo the next time period to watch is from sundown tonight until about sunrise tomorrow. 7:00 tonight, the rain switching back to snow in northern maryland. staying mostly snow. and if you're going to get
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accumulations of snow in northern virginia, it will come down until 3:00 or 4:00 in theg morn tomorrow. this should be all-rain tomorrow, and a lot of it. an inch or more. and a clearing cold front through here late in the day on wednesday. here's your five-day outlook. 36 today, with the rain/snow mix becong mostly rain. another chance of rain/snow mix and slushy inches of snow in northern maryland. all-rain tomorrow afternoo drying out and windy on wednesday. thursday, 53 and sunshine. and more rain arriving late friday. all right. is will not be a pleasant ride to work and school today. >> i know it's just by the radar here, over our roads this morning. laurel is our biggestssue right now. southbound 95 before scaggsville road, crash investigation. activity is on the left shoulder. we have those delays as you're headed southbound. just a warning if you're headed
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out soon. washington, northbound 295. the left side blocked by a crash there. as we zoom out of it, ane bran problem, upper marlboro.he debris in roadway. northbound lanes are open. inner loop and outer loop of the ltway, no issues there. valentine's day is thursday. have you bought a present for that special someone? we'll look at how much money heir e are spending on valentine this year. watch "ellen" at 3:00 this afternoon. today is a weath ale day. keeping track of the weather conditions outside. this is a live look at hagerstown, maryland. the roads are clear but snow is collected on the gnd sidewalks. download the nbc washington app for the latest .
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you're watching news 4 today. >> 4:23. today is atorm team 4 weather alert day. give yourself extra time to get to school and work. chuck bell will have your full forecast in a few minutes here. valentine's day, it's not the year's most important holiday. bu remembering it can keep you in good standing with your significantother. >> nbc'shris shows you how to stay out of the doghouse this year. >> reporter: it's time for florists across the country, now
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thatvalentine's day is hours away. >> we start planning for it at the end of december. >> reporter: the number of americans celebrating the romantic holiday has been steadily declining, the amount of money spent romancing those you love should be a record this year. >> they will be buying everything from gifts and cards, flowers and experiences. >> reporter: all of which adds up to the average person drops just over $160. and a bank rate survey found men more lely than women to spend more on valentine's day. leading er millennials all age groups at spending the most. >> flower don't have calories. they don't make you fat. >> reporter: how long you've been married alsomatters. >> couples that have spent ten years or more together, will spend $350. couples who have been together forut two years will spend about 100, $105.
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>> reporter: getting ready for the day that's dear to the heart of millions. >> if you're on a budget, there's a less expensive way to show you .ca why not write a love note? how the love today" jenna bush ager arparticipates in a writig workshop and jenna talks about a note that her husband left her after a difficult we i. think we go through life so bombarded by things so quickly, forget to stop. there's something about a letter that is forever. >> your love is like the post-it note with stick figure drawings of ship you left me. i wasf flying most the day and i was dehydrated and thirsty for home. for you. >> wow. there's a special surprise from the "today" show plaza today.
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all that coming up on "today" after news 4 today. >> i don't know about that. robert has left me sticky notes that are humorous. crowds pack the streets of d.c. chinatown for the new year's celebration. today's celebration had dragons and lions. it iluded the mayor and several city council members. an estimated 40,000 people attended the celebration. there it is, the dragon parade. it wds off evil spirits if you want to know why the culture -- >> and clown brings them back. >> i don't know why the clownths e. that's not part of the tradition. it is the year of the pig, which represents carefree fun, good fortune and wealth. maybe add a little american culture to the festivities. >> always bring in a own, right? still ahead on news 4 today, new details about a threat leveled against a local school. >> where it happened and who police belie was behind it.
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plus, the final stretch. we continue our coverage of the work under way to prevent another government shutdown. chuck, how about weather? >> storm team 4 weather alert for you this morning, mostly rain across the area now. from is a rain/snow mix, especially onceouet above gno
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news 4 begins with a weather alert. >> monday morning mess, ice and sleet fell in the region overnight. it led to slick sidewal p and thsibility of a treacherous commute. good morning, everyone. we're going to y help get through it. >> i'm aaronwe gilchrist. e in weather alert mode this morning. local schools is taking notice, as well. the federal governmen is on a two-hour delay. >> in virginia, prince william county and manassas city schools are closed. arlington, fairfax, loudon and manass park city wilpen two hours late. falls church, alexandria, falkeu and pagey schools. d.c. and prince george's county schools are o two-hour delay. >> grant county schoolsnest virginia will open three hours late today. all of the delays and closings are on the o bottom


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